Apologies for neglecting this site for such a long time, it’s been almost 3 years since i’ve last posted, and for that, I feel shamed!  I’m going to be giving things a facelift soon, and will be pushing this place more in the direction of being a photo-blog, and less in the direction of ‘posting random things i’ve come across online’.  One thing that wont change is the Theatre Project section.  The one thing that made me continue to pay the hosting bill here was the steady stream of people e-mailing/commenting on my Manchester Theater Project articles.  All that content will remain, and will actually go through a bit of editing, so hang tight!

For now i’m going to post some pictures of what was formerly Kimball School in Concord, NH.  It was demolished over the last few weeks and I happened to catch it in a state of transitional-dismemberment.  Take a look:
Kimball School Demolition
Class Dismissed
Kimball School Demolition 3


I couldn’t sleep, so I did this.
Apartment Panoramas


This is possibly the greatest thing i’ve ever seen…and i’ve seen some great things.

Arrested Development Star Wars
Hopefully the poster for the upcoming Arrested Development movie is just as epic.

So out of boredom I’ve started putting together a makeshift darkroom in my apartment. Its cobbled together mostly from stuff left in my parents basement.


The circular Gralab timer is being replace by a model 451, which is much easier to work with, i’m anxiously awaiting its arrival. I’m trying to find some proper safe lights on Craigslist, right now I’ve just got some filters slapped infront of 15w bulbs. Its works, but its a bit dim and uneven. The enlarger is a Lentar L66, which according to Google doesn’t exist. I only have a 35mm negative carrier for it, so I’ve had to make one for 120 out of a pizza box and electrical tape. Its works, I’m just waiting for it to light on fire. Results so far have been ok, although things will greatly improve when I can time exposures properly. I scanned a few prints, these were just quick and dirty, I printed them just to make sure everything was functional. These were shot on an old Yashica 120 on Fujicolor 400H (yes, color!), I printed them in black and white for kicks, I like the contrast it gave me, I might try doing this more in the future. Many thanks to Jon for being his bad self.
Basement Jon

Basement Jon 2

Graffitti Jon

Smokestack in Concord

In going through my parents basement looking for Darkroom Equipment, I came across an old Kodak Vigilant 620, still in its original box. A few years back my neighbor bought a lot of cameras at an estate sale, someone who had owned a camera store was getting rid of all their old stock. My neighbor gave me all the cameras to sell, most of which ended up on ebay. This Vigilant was one of the few that didn’t. I brought it back to my apartment just to stick on a shelf. I was messing around with it the other day when I noticed that it still had film in it! At first I thought it was just some old Black and White, but it turns out it was actually some Kodacolor from the late 70′s. It has to be developed using a really old process, C-22, there are only a few labs left in the country that can handle that process, and they arent exactly cheap. I’m considering splurging and sending it out, i’m just nervous it’ll come back blank. What should I do?



What the hell Gwen

Lobster/ Roommate von Fuckfish 2.0

Oct 302007

So I moved to Concord about a week ago, its been pretty interesting so far.  I’ll write more later, for now i’ll let some pictures do the talking.


IMG_5990  IMG_5989

IMG_5987  IMG_5962

IMG_5959  IMG_5955

IMG_5952  IMG_5950

Mt Stinson

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